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5 Productivity Habits To Start Today

Productivity, the buzz word everyone constantly hears…

“I was SO productive today”, “I feel like I need to be more productive” or maybe you are the one to say “I haven’t done anything today I need to be productive!”

We have all been there, whether someone has said this to us or we have said it to ourselves, productivity is what we all desire. It feels nice to get things done and shrink that glooming long to do list just a wee bit.

However, before I get started on how to be more productive I want to quickly add in that it is OKAY to NOT be productive some days. Some days you deserve time off, some days you deserve to put your feet up and binge watch Netflix. My intention for this blog is not to make you feel like you need to constantly be productive but rather, when you schedule the time to actually do work… well you get the work done in that time.

1. Power Hours

Power hours are something I started to implement last year and they are WONDERFUL! A power hour is essentially you scheduling certain hours in your day where you turn off all distractions, notifications, and focus on the job needed to be done. Power hours are used to tune out the world and work! Once the hour is up then you can refill your coffee, check social media and all those other tasks we usually use to distract ourselves. However, I guarantee you got a ton of work done in that hour. Power hours are easy to implement, look at your schedule and put aside one hour in your day, just one hour! Turn off your phone notification, pre fill up your coffee, and buckle in because productivity time is heading your way!

2. Creating list and set prioritizes

My next recommendation for productivity is to create a list and set prioritizes. With the constant day to day stress life brings and endless to do lists, brain dumping absolutely everything you need to do onto a piece of paper helps relieve the stress of remembering it all and it is step one to a productive day. Next, prioritize this list, what do you absolutely need to get done today? What can wait until tomorrow or maybe even next week. Prioritizing breaks down your to do list into chunks instead of an overwhelmingly long list.

3. No Snooze button

Oh boy does this one ever hurt but does it ever help! STOP HITTING SNOOZE! When we hit snooze first thing in the morning we already lost. We let our tired mind and sleepy bodies win and give in, this creates and start the mood for the day -procrastination. I know no matter what I say on this you may be like “but Steph, I purposely set my alarm 10 minutes earlier just so I can snooze!” Well, I am here to tell you to try it for yourself, remove the snooze button and set your alarm clock for the right time. I promise you you will have a more productive day!

4. Remove Distractions

This one is pretty self explanatory, however, I am sure we are all guilty of this. Checking our phones every chance we get, scrolling on social media, or the internet. This all takes away our focus from the job that needs to be done. My number one recommendation for this is to put your phone out of sight, in a pocket, or leave it in your purse if you don’t see it you won’t be tempted to pick it up and use it.

5. Practice gratitude for yourself

Lastly, it is important to practice gratitude for yourself and how much you have accomplished, sometimes we get so caught up in the go go go that we never take the time to step back and look at how far we came. Remember, to thank yourself for the work you are doing and remember to take time off too. When you practice gratitude for yourself it is a sign of self care and compassion and will motivate you to keep going.

Remember, productivity is based on your own perspective so be kind to yourself and hit your goals!

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