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How To Start Marketing Your Etsy Store On Pinterest Today

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Pinterest can play an important role in your Etsy stops traffic, changing it for 0 sales a day to 2-3 or even 10-20 depending on what you sell! Here are 5 easy steps you can do today to get you started on Pinterest.

*Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you. And of course, I never recommend tools that I don’t use and love. Promise.


Pinterest is often lumped together with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but unlike these counterparts Pinterest is unique. Pinterest is a visual search engine, which users conduct their searches by looking through images. The best part about Pinterest (although many) Pinterest is still one of the fastest-growing social media and you can still get an insane amount of organic traffic.

Now, why should you start to use Pinterest for your Etsy shop? Well, a recent report showed that 89% of users use Pinterest for purchase inspiration and 48% of Pinterest users are on the platform to shop. If you think about it, if 335 MILLION people use Pinterest every month that means you can potentially get your products in front of 164 million people shopping and 289 million people who are browsing, and to me, those odds are pretty dang good!



The first step to marketing your Etsy store on Pinterest is to create a Pinterest Business account, this process is rather straightforward and free! You can convert an old personal Pinterest account to a business account or start with a new business account altogether. It is important to note that Pinterest does prefer older accounts, so if you have an older Pinterest personal account, consider converting that account to a business and marking any personal boards as “secret”. Another important note is it is against Pinterest guidelines to promote any type of business on a personal account, this means that it is mandatory to use a Pinterest business account when marketing your Etsy store.


The next step on your journey to Pinterest perfect is to claim your Etsy store. Claiming your Etsy shop leads to better analytics for your pinned Etsy items. Meaning, this gives you the ability to see who is pinning your products, where they are located, as well as how the pins are performing. Another benefit from claiming your shop is any pins from your Etsy shop are allocated to you and display your profile picture and Pinterest account name.

Go to your Pinterest account and click the top right 3 dots, a drop-down menu with appear, click edit settings.

You will be brought to a new page, on the left side of the page you will see a list, click “claim”.

You will bought to another page, scroll down to find Etsy, and press CLAIM. If you are logged in on your Etsy shop in the same browser when you click claim, your store will automatically connect.


Next on your to-do list is to create 5-10 boards related to your store and what you sell. I always recommend having one board dedicated to only pins from your store, while the other boards can be a mix of your content and similar pins your target audience enjoys. For example, if you sell personalized wine glasses, your additional boards (after the one you set aside for only your products) can be Bridesmaid gift ideas, Gift ideas for best friends, Housewarming gifts and so forth.


Since Pinterest is a visual search engine your pins play a key role in traffic. To get more traffic back to your Etsy shop, you want to create eye-catching pins that spike people’s interest, therefore leads to them clicking through towards your shop.

Before you create your pins, you must do a bit of research prior

(don’t worry it involves you spending some time browsing Pinterest… Not like you weren’t going to do it anyway!)

I want you to go onto Pinterest and make note of what Pins catch your eyes, NEVER copy a pin design but pay attention to the colours, fonts, and formats. Once you have an idea in mind that matches the brand of your shop, hop over to Canva (a free platform) and start creating your masterpieces!

Pin Examples:


Last but not least is scheduling your pins on Pinterest. You never want to batch upload all your Pins at once and leave it, Pinterest will mark this as spam and you won’t get very far with this strategy. On the other hand, you don’t want to upload one pin to a board and leave it, that doesn’t give you much of a chance at reaching a big audience.

There are two possible strategies when it comes to scheduling your pins

  1. Manual pinning

  2. Using a scheduler


Manual pinning is working off of the Pinterest platform itself and creating a new pin each time. This can get very tedious and demanding when you are trying to post 5-10 pins per day. I do not enjoy this method, however, I know many Pinners who do!


I use Tailwind as my Pinterest scheduler, a scheduler is a software that allows you to upload multiple pins at once and make a schedule for when you want to post them on to Pinterest. I enjoy and recommend you use a scheduler to save you time. Schedulers allow you to batch plan your pins for the next week (or even as far in advance as you'd like) Schedulers are more passive and are not consistent work.

Click here for a free month of Tailwind

Good luck and HAPPY PINNING

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